Emotional Coping Through Solution Focused Counselling Therapy: Case Study of Psychological Distressed Women

  • Nurul Naimah Rose University Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP)
  • Aida Shakila Ishak University Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP)
Keywords: emotional coping, psychological distress, solution focused therapy, working women


The aim of this paper was to explore the emotional coping of psychological distressed women who had undergone counselling session based on Solution Focused Therapy Module. Six (6) working women were selected as subjects based on the criteria such as currently working and have had experience symptoms of psychological distress such as anxiety and depression for the past four weeks. The subject’s levels of psychological distress were measured using the Kessler psychological distress scale (K10). In this study, qualitative case study method had been done to get in depth understand of the emotional coping styles among the subjects. The pre and post interviews had been conducted with all the subjects to explore how they cope emotionally with the psychological distress before and after the intervention. Finding of this research explained that subjects had a different style of emotional coping before and after the intervention. The subjects agreed that their type of emotions influenced the level of psychological distress. Before the intervention, subjects experienced negatives emotions that influenced them to have negative styles of emotional coping such as withdrawal, over thinking, problem avoidance and crying. After the intervention subjects experienced positive emotions that made them to be calmer and relax, they also felt better and able to think of the solutions to their problems. Thus, they need to be able to control their emotion prior to reducing the level of psychological distress. Subjects also have different coping mechanism before and after the intervention due to their age differences and maturity level.

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Rose, N. N. and Ishak, A. S. (2019) “Emotional Coping Through Solution Focused Counselling Therapy: Case Study of Psychological Distressed Women”, Asian Social Work Journal, 4(3), pp. 23 - 34. doi: https://doi.org/10.47405/aswj.v4i3.103.